Friday, May 29, 2009


I've been completely unmotivated to blog lately. It isn't for lack of interesting things to write about, such as Mayoral candidate Lisa Borders' third home burglary in nine months, which happened at 3:40am while she was asleep in bed. There has been plenty going on in the city culture wise, as well (I'll be going to see the Tempest tomorrow night, for example). Nor is the political front boring - the Mayor and the head of the local police union are really going at it, and frankly neither of them is looking very good at this point.

The truth is, I'm a little bit overwhelmed by what is going on in the city. It is all a bit depressing, and I feel quite powerless. My neighborhood watch sent an email around the other day describing how one neighbor saw a guy just walking around in broad daylight and walk around behind the house next door to him. When he went to investigate, he discovered the thief had broken into the house, and when he yelled the thief ran out the front. But this happened a block from my house, in the middle of the day when I'm home a lot. I've gotten a bit paranoid about making sure the back door is locked all the time, and I live in one of the safest neighborhoods in town. I ran into an acquaintance the other day who was in tears because her house got broken into and they took "everything". Another friend who works at a restaurant has started keeping a gun in his car after a string of local bars got robbed after closing. He's already pulled it once when a someone started following him to his car one night and kept advancing after he got in and closed the door. Most everyone I know has similar stories.

I hate seeing this stuff happen in my city, and it has kind of sapped my desire to write. I mean, what more do you say? I've bitched about the APD, and the mayor, and now I don't really feel like I have much left to say. These property crimes are awful not because people take stuff, but because they violate our perceptions of safety. We like to think that when we come home, we can relax - now we feel like we always have to be looking over our shoulder. When I take my dog out at night, I find myself sizing up every car that drives by. It sucks. But what do you do, what more do you really say? I find I'm just thinking out loud, not saying anything that original.


  1. Yeah all the restaurant burglaries are sad, because after it happens a couple of times, you could see some of these small mom-and-pop places throwing in the towel.

    I wonder, though, if there's more some of the businesses could do in terms of security. Like I don't see why the eyeglass place in Edgewood doesn't have security cameras out front. And would it be feasible to put asset-trackers on the flat screen TVs?

    But the thief just coming by in broad daylight for a house robbery -- that's just scary.

  2. I feel your pain, Ben. What more can we all do? Perhaps if mayoral and city coucil candidates were pressured to release actual plans on what they'd do (rather than rhetoric, press releases and general "outrage"), we'd all get a better sense of solutions. Intown neighborhood security patrols are really just a stop gap measure- they unfortunately do little do address the underlying issues (especially for communities that cannot afford to fund them). We need real political leadership... which makes me, for a lack of a better word, listless.

  3. I'm feeling equally listless. My car was broken into and robbed last week while I was at a downtown art event and there are nerve-rattling reports of crimes, seemingly daily, taking place near my midtown home.

    And just this morning I walked past a restaurant near my pharmacy that had been burglarized and had it's front window smashed overnight. Ughh.

    My wife and I actually had a serious discussion about moving to Smyrna over the weekend. I'm an Atlanta native and mostly love living in town, but after a while I can only stand being depressed and paranoid about crime so much.


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