Monday, May 11, 2009

Shooting fish in a barrel..

I really had to hold my tongue on the last post about Karen Handel and the VRA., as well as earlier when the Ox said he wanted to privatize MARTA.  I want to be able to give member of the GOP the benefit of the doubt when it comes to racial issues, although the local party makes that hard at time.  So I left it alone - there was enough B.S. in those statements without bringing that into the mix.  I'm not really sure what to do about this tweet from the Ox:
Ivy, JW and I had a great afternoon.  We finished the nursery for baby Jake.  The room is Confederate Gray.  Reminds me of why I am running...
What do you do with that?  How am I supposed to give that the benefit of the doubt, or even just turn a blind eye?  Tack this statement onto the Ox's recent comments about states' rights and his inability to believe that MARTA could be run even decently, and it is hard to have a doubt what constituency he is angling for.  

Is this supposed to be a dog whistle?  If so, it is the most ham-fisted dog whistle I've ever seen.  I would at least hope not-so-secretly racist gubernatorial candidates could be smart enough not to lead with their chin.  The sad thing is that he wouldn't be so blatant about it if he didn't think it'd help him in the GOP primary... 


  1. Do you interpret everything through a racism filter?
    It should be obvious that this is about improving the future of the baby, as being the reason he says he's running.

    If the "Confederate Gray" has anything to do with it, it's a reminder of the current encroachment of the Federal government. The Southern states had a very legitimate issue raising States Rights, but they abused it in order to try and keep their follow men under slavery, in that time a century and a half ago.

    Now people like you abuse the issue of racism, by race-baiting and improperly painting those who want a return to the Constitutional balance of power between Federal and State as racist.

    Real "plantationism" exists and is practiced by those who want to run a Federal nanny-state; enslaving all citizens as surfs under Federally run feudalism.

    Take off racism filter and be wary of the big government Statists.

  2. nice try, vradic, but b is right---

  3. The Civil War wasn't about slavery. It was about the rights of states to, um, keep slaves.

    That's totally different!

  4. The tweet is very interesting, to say the least.

    Thought you might find this story on the Savannah Streetcar interesting:

  5. Vradic sounds like a Commie name to me....


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