Wednesday, June 24, 2009

When will it end?

The drama continues - the city cut off the Peachtree-Pine homeless shelter's water again, the shelter got a court to force the city to turn it back on. I understand that in the short term, you can't have a shelter with hundreds of homeless folks in it have no running water - it is unsanitary and a health hazard, etc.

But.... they haven't paid their water bill in at least two months, and they owed money before that! They owe the city $180,000. What do all the folks protesting the "unfair" actions of the city suggest be done? The shelter has repeatedly missed court-mandated deadlines for payment. If they can't pay their bills, the water has to get shut off eventually. I'm sure there are plenty of cash-strapped organizations who would love to get a free pass on their water bill, but that's not how things work.

I don't see why the Peachtree and Pine shelter is special. They have good intentions, I'll give them that, but they clearly do not have the functional ability to operate a shelter and even break even. They don't have reliable funding sources and policy experts say their service model doesn't work. Why should they get to leech money from city coffers? Good intentions simply aren't enough when we are talking about $180,000.


  1. Last year the city cut off the water to the Wren's Nest over an unpaid $2.37.

    We were up to date on our bill, but for whatever reason (almost certainly a bizarre error on my part) our books were $2.37 off for three payment cycles.

    I guess the trick is to owe $179,997.63 more than that. Not only will your water stay on (by court order, no less!), but you'll also have people protesting the indecency of it all.

  2. they should do something about it..this needs to be resolved as soonest..
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