Friday, July 10, 2009

Democratic gubernatorial update

I previously said that I didn't think Thurbert Baker would have announced for Governor if he didn't think he had a real shot at winning. Well, he's currently leading the Democrats in fundraising. In fact, he's leading by a long shot - Baker has raised over $700k, and DuBose Porter is second with $230k. It appears Barnes hasn't started raising money yet (his disclosure statement shows nothing at all raised), but Baker has a pretty strong lead, even if he over-reported.

We are at the stage of the race where fundraising is as much about showing you can be a serious candidate as it is preparing your war chest. If Barnes and Baker are the only candidates who can prove to raise money, donors aren't going to be very interested in donating to folks who will just be also-rans. This means that Porter and Poythress need to raise some serious hay or they'll probably just fall by the wayside and never have a real shot at the nomination.

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