Friday, July 31, 2009

I was reading an article about a proposed new pedestrian bridge across the 'Hooch so Sandy Springs residents can have access to national parks on the Cobb side of the 'Hooch. No big deal, I thought, makes sense. No plans on how to pay for it, but still, I was ready to close the window out and move on when I read this piece about Cobb residents who oppose the bridge:
Some opposed to the bridge worry that crime from Fulton County will migrate over the bridge to Cobb County, Brown said. “Some fear a bridge — even if it’s a pedestrian bridge,” he said.
Sigh. Some things never change, huh? I have this image of somebody dropping a TV into the 'Hooch after tying to carry it for miles on foot in Cobb County...


  1. Looks like somebody's already planning on it :)

    bridge crime wave

  2. If anybody's actually worried about crime crossing the river, it should the Fulton people. Their side of the river is lined with extravagant mansions while the Cobb side is lined with a park. I associate crime more with parks than mansions.


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