Thursday, July 23, 2009

Not a big deal

The AJC reports that the city's Parks department is about to sign a lease at Peachtree Center:
Atlanta could soon be leasing office space in one of the city’s fanciest buildings...

Department commissioner Dianne Harnell Cohen defended the arrangement, saying she couldn’t find adequate space for her staff of about 100 employees at City Hall or surrounding buildings.
Seriously, this does not strike me as big deal. For one, Peachtree Centers ISN'T one of the fanciest buildings in the city. It is a 1970s building that has been maintained fairly well. It doesn't, and can't, compare with the fanciest buildings like 191 Peachtree, 1180 Peachtree, Terminus, etc.

Also, the rate quoted seems about standard for what a government office should pay in rent. $17 over ten years (and $8 the first year) is far from exorbitant. Further, I'm fairly certain there are already government offices already exist at Peachtree Center. I think a classmate of mine worked for the federal DOT in Peachtree Center. GDOT has offices at One Georgia Center.

I don't see why the AJC wants to make this a big deal.


  1. I think the AJC is trying to create a story about a government entity misusing tax-payer dollars by overpaying for office space.

    And you're right -- there is no story here because the Peachtree Center offices in the Harris tower are not luxurious. They'd have a more legitimate story if this was in the Marquis part of PC.

    BTW, I work for a state agency and I would love for our offices to be located near a MARTA station like these at Peachtree Center.

    Our offices are in a culdesac-type office complex in unincorporated Dekalb. I have to use a car to get there and if I want to go out for lunch I have to use my car again to get to the nearest restaurants. And even if the restaurants were closer it wouldn't matter because there are no sidewalks.

    I think any government agency is making a good choice in locating their offices in a walkable area near a MARTA station.

  2. The AJC needs to refocus.

    The big, mega story right now is the water ruling by the federal judge.

    In fact, that story is the story of the next 50 years!

    If Atlanta has to go back to anything close to 1970 water extraction levels from Lake Lanier, growth in the metro area is finished. Over, out, adios, good bye.

    Georgia, Alabama and Florida have 3 years to work out a plan. They couldn't do it in the previous 20. Will they do it? Don't hold your breath.

    Meanwhile...development screeches to a halt.

    New headline for the AJC: Atlanta Enters The Long Emergency.

  3. What are the rates? An acquaintance just moved from Colony Square to across Peachtree from the Regency. The downtown space is actually better AND cheaper. I think the Colony Square area is a nicer place to be.

  4. More desperate muckraking to get front page/top-of-the-website exposure. Most federal administration offices not at Sam Nunn/Richard Rogers are already in Peachtree Center. It's good, functional office space but is past its prime for attracting flagship types of tenants. There is no suitable office space near City Hall for large annexation needs (most of it is state offices anyway). Seriously, is this the best the AJC can do?


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