Monday, July 20, 2009

UPDATE: Atlanta City Council Moving Forward with Streetcars

I certainly didn't plan for my article last weekend to have such an impact on the Atlanta City Council! The city has approved a plan to seek $300M in federal stimulus funds for the Peachtree Streetcar project. At roughly $12.4M per mile, we could build 24 miles of track with sleek, modern streetcars - more than enough to cover the 8-mile stretch between Lenox Mall and Downtown Atlanta.

No, but seriously, I'm glad to see this initiative moving forward - my prior article just happened to be a timely coincidence. The Peachtree Streetcar project is being promoted by the Midtown Alliance, Buckhead Improvement District, and the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District.

The article is published in that Atlanta Business Chronicle: City Council OK's Streetcar Study


  1. Just so you know, Buckhead is no longer in support of the Streetcar. Currently it's just an initiative between Downtown, Midtown, and MARTA. No plans to go north of Brookwood any longer - Buckhead didn't feel its constituents wanted it.

  2. Hey Ben,
    I've been writing about streetcars, too (I was following the council agenda) and so I attended the city council meeting yesterday. Wow.

    I would love to hear your take:


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