Wednesday, August 12, 2009

GSU freshman dorms open

Georgia State's new freshman dorms are open at Piedmont and Edgewood. I thought this plot of land was going to be just for greek housing, but apparently these freshman dorms were always part of the mix. The nine fraternity and sorority townhomes are on hold according to wikipedia, but I can't find any other sourcing for that.

I've long been beating the drum for GSU to build more dorms, so of course I'm very please. Architecturally, the building is ..... meh. It doesn't offend me, but it isn't superb. This is about how the University Commons building strikes me. It'd be great if the architecture was a bit more interesting, but I'm mostly concerned with just getting students on campus.

Another interesting thing about the dorm is that the freshman dorm room are all suite-style, but without kitchens. The University Commons are true apartment style rooms, and they all have kitchens. I make note of this because I'd love to see private housing downtown for GSU students, and it is worth knowing what you'd be competing against. The new dorm does NOT have on-site parking - students have covered parking half a block away and across the street at University Commons.

Personally, I LOVED living in a dorm without a kitchen. No dishes to wash, I didn't have to cook or shop for food...I just wandered downstairs and swiped my card.

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