Monday, August 17, 2009

Jack Fleeman dead

I had no idea what the condition of Mr. Fleeman was when I wrote about Fleeman's Pharmacy recently. Turns out he had cancer, and died Saturday.
Atlantans started their days there with a cup of joe. They saddled up to the marble counter top and old-school soda fountain — circa 1914 — for malts and shakes. Herman Talmadge and Lester Maddox were regulars.

This was more museum than drugstore. Memorabilia adorned almost every inch of the joint. Photos of drugstore employees and famous customers graced the walls. Medicine bottles and prescription books that dated to the late 1800s were on display. Coke trays, bottles and related beverage items were omnipresent.

Overseeing it all was Mr. Fleeman, nicknamed “Mr. Coke” for his love of the drink.
How can you not root for a guy called Mr. Coke?? Anyone who knows me knows I have a serious Diet Coke problem. I'm talking between 20 oz. and 60 oz. a day.

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  1. Jack Fleeman R.I.P.

    20 to 60 oz of Diet Coke a day - is that all?.

    August 18, 2009 1:16 PM


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