Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mid-week links

Class has curtailed blogging thus far this week. Also, I'm going out of town tonight and through the weekend. I have no idea if blogging will continue on vacation. I doubt it. I'm spending some free time looking at the Larceny from Auto crime stats, so hopefully I'll have a post for that early next week.

Here are some links to tide you over:
  • A recent shooting has led to several anti-crime rallies in Kirkwood.
    The “safety” rally, which is intended to bring light to Hagen’s shooting and other recent crimes, is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Friday at Bessie Branham Park on Delano Drive. All Atlanta residents are invited, said Anna Knipfer, one of the organizers.

    “The rally is intended to positively promote ideas on how we can get city officials more involved and to shed light on how the rezoning of Zone 6 police station has threatened the safety of all our neighborhoods,” Knipfer said. “It is also is intended to show the criminals that we are standing together and not backing down.”
  • Mayor Franklin and Chief Pennington attended a national summit on gang crime in DC earlier this week.
  • Mary Norwood has a profile in the AJC.
  • I'm really enjoying the new Karen O song from the Wild Things soundtrack.
  • Stephanie Ramage endorses Kasim Reed, and doesn't have terribly nice things to say about Lisa Borders or Mary Norwood. I read this when it was posted, but apparently Reed thought enough of the endorsement that I also got an email from him about it.
I like that Ramage is endorsing, but basically she has stated she is just disclosing her biases in the race. I would do the same, but I haven't made up my mind yet. I think I'm pretty straight forward with what I think about the candidates, though.

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