Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday links

I'll try and get back to regular posting on Monday. Here is what has caught my eye in the last two days:
  • I ate a massive breakfast at Parish that darn near killed me - it was so good I couldn't stop eating. I don't usually link to the stuff I post on the Metblog here, but I mention this because the building that houses Parish is really cool. If you like adaptive reuse, you should go eat there. Also, the brunches are fantastic.
  • Interesting report by the AJC on the rise of gangs. Grisly stuff.
  • Stephanie Ramage takes a look at how the rise of foreclosures might contribute to the decrease in robberies on in certain areas.
  • AJC article on how a lot of decrepit properties Downtown have been redeveloped over the last few years.

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