Thursday, August 20, 2009

Waffle House domination

I spent most of my afternoon free time in high school at Waffle House. I went there just about every afternoon, sometimes twice. Coffee, hashbrowns, maybe a grilled cheese sandwich or a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. Every day. Sometimes I'd meet friends at the Waffle House before school, too. It was a little sanctuary from your typical teenage-related drama at home or school.

I don't make it to the Waffle House as much as a used to. I didn't note it in this space when Waffle House opened at Underground, although I took a picture with my phone with the intention of doing so. So I feel a need to post that Waffle House will be opening a new location at Georgia State University in their new Science Center at Piedmont and Decatur. Plans are set to open in the spring.

This is pretty much the sort of retail that can do well in the GSU area, as opposed to what the Macy's building folks were originally proposing. College students should devour some hashbrowns.

photo courtesy of hensever


  1. There's going to be one in Tech Square as well.

  2. I'm willing to be dominated by Waffle House. Them's some tasty waffles -- and cheese grits are a thing of goodness too.


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