Thursday, September 3, 2009

Transportation forum recap and mayoral news

Joeventures gives a pretty good write up of the most recent mayoral forum. Lisa Borders comes off the best. Joe has some okay things to say about Kasim Reed, but thinks he lacks the ability to be an effective CEO. That is one way to express a concern I share, too.

Also, Kyle Keyser of ATAC enters the race. I guess he's putting his name out there for public debate.... but I don't want to look at him the same way I look at the other candidates who might actually be in charge of the city. I mean... I have doubts he can raise enough money to qualify. I'm pretty sure that all the major candidates are aware that crime is an issue this election, and Kyle deserves some credit for that. However, I'm not sure what his candidacy will accomplish beyond that fact.

h/t: Grift Drift

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  1. Conceivably, Daily Kos could raise Kyle's qualifying money for him. But I agree about the rest.


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