Friday, October 23, 2009

"Livable" parks

I didn't realize that the National Park Service not only owned the MLK birthplace block on Auburn Avenue, but that they let people rent the houses.  I suppose I could have put one and one together, but I'd never really considered who owned and lived in those houses.  They recently acquired another piece of the block from the Trust for Public Land, and the article included this bit:
“We will fix it up to the time Dr. King was living here, and then we allow people to live here,” said Forte of the renovated houses on the block. “Structurally, it’s in pretty good shape.” ...

The MLK district is only one of three “livable” national parks that preserve the historical and cultural qualities of a place while it continues to thrive as an ongoing community.

Forte also hopes that the street can be transformed into being less of a thoroughfare and more of a residential, pedestrian-oriented street, much the way it was when King was growing up there. She would love to see streetlights and landscaping that would become even more of a tourist and educational destination.
I have done a little bit of searching, but I can't find what the other two "livable" parks are.


  1. I didn't know that either. Very good. It feels good there.

  2. Warm Springs NP might be one of the others. I know it's in an urban area, so... possible.


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