Monday, October 26, 2009

Shirley calls out Mary Norwood

Shirley Franklin commented on a Political Insider post Sunday, and had this to say about Mary Norwood:
I support candidates with vision, integrity and intelligence and I have voted for candidates with these 3 characteristics throughout my life. Mary Norwood has none of these. Therefore, I do not support her candidacy for mayor.
Wow.  The rest of the comment is in that same line of thought.  I guess that is to be expected when Norwood has spent her entire time running for mayor blasting Shirley.  I'm only surprised that Shirley was willing to go on the record with such harsh language when she has been relatively silent on the mayor's race thus far.

I don't follow Norwood enough to comment on her integrity, although watching her show up at any community event where there is a camera certainly says something about her character.  As for vision and intelligence, nothing I have seen of Norwood's public life leads me to disagree with Mayor Franklin.  We are talking about the woman who wanted to make it illegal to build a high rise if it blocked the view from another high rise! 

I'm working on a post about who I'll be voting for in the mayoral race.  I'm not calling it an endorsement, since I'm not nearly that important.  It will simply be the mental process which has led me to vote for one candidate over the other.  My mind is about 90% made up, and hopefully I'll have something up in the next few days.  I'll give you a hint: it isn't Mary Norwood. 

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  1. I look forward to the post. As I've said, I'm still on the fence.


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