Monday, November 16, 2009

Reason from beyond the Perimeter?!

From perhaps the most unexpected place, Peach Pundit enunciates one reason why Kasim Reed is at this point Atlanta's best hope:
Meanwhile, Kasim Reed has the backing of all groups within the City Of Atlanta who must buy into fundamental change. He also commands respect and has good working relationships with the other group that must be brought into discussions to provide the carrot and stick to force the City Hall constituencies to change their ways: The State Legislature.

Kasim Reed holds a unique position in this pivotal point in time. He has the respect of two distinct and distant constituencies who are both integral to the future growth and success of the City. Worst case scenario, it is four more years of status quo while the forces for change are able to recruit a better candidate. But if Kasim is to live up to his challenge, he is the person best suited to bring all parties to the table, and set a course for Atlanta to work with the surrounding region and not against it.
I remain unconvinced about Kasim's ability to affect fundamental change in the city's policies or operational systems.  However, anyone attempting to change things needs to have the buy-in from the stakeholders involved.  I'd say that the most likely outcome of a Mary Norwood administration would be as described by the Peach Pundit post:
Sure she represents change, but is there any evidence it will be change for the better? Or would her inability to communicate or get along with fellow council members or city staff make her a figurehead who goes largely ignored while the city continues to spiral out of control under the weight of its own entropy?
Mary Norwood can complain that the rest of the City Council hasn't been willing to work with her, but that doesn't change the fact that she would have to work with them as Mayor.

Note: beware the entire post liked to above - while largely reasonable, it drips with a certain OTP smugness and condescension that required a large degree of restraint on my part not to engage.

h/t: el hermano


  1. As I long for the lost synergy (yes, I used *that* word) of Mayor Shirley with Council Prez Woolard from 2000 to 2003, I'm a bit worried about having both of those races in play for the runoff. From what I can tell there is only one combination that would work together effectively: Kasim & Clair. I honestly don't think the other three possible combos would be very positive. Sure they would sell newspapers but that's not what I'm here for.

  2. Kasim Reed is for keeping the gravy train runnin'; filling up those hip hop pockets with our tax dollars...atlanta =detroit. They don't "cooperate" with Mary cause they know she'll find the bloody body (ies)...

  3. Well, I can't say much here, but if you look at what HASN'T changed in many least 16, you have to be uneasy.

    I think there is a larger body of people 'out there', that are just uninspired with what Atlanta has become and seems to want to be: the Jackson (5?) Machine that has been running for a long time.

    Mary tried to work with the council members for 8 years, but the cliquishness of council made Mary the outsider. There was a lot of racial attitude also amongst many of the members. And so it goes in Atlanta.

    For me, it's a question of 'quality of life' and it's not exactly tied tooth and nail to the Atlanta political scene. After 40 years here, I am rather jaded.

    We talk in generalities....cute bits about our fears, but when it comes down to our lives and our immediate communities, WE have to circle the wagons.

    I wish Mary the best, but things seem to be very stacked against her. I hope people remember these lessons for the next time. But of course the usual machine/power will trot out the same old crap. Hopefully, the slurs and taunts won't be so...mysognist next time.

    And racial.

    Can gag a maggot.


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