Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sports and adaptive re-use: Highbury Square

Previously I highlighted an interesting aspect of San Diego's baseball stadium, where they integrated a historic building into a new stadium.  How about going at adaptive re-use from the other direction - adapting an old stadium into luxury housing

That's what English football club Arsenal did when they moved to a new stadium.  Historic Highbury Stadium became Highbury Square apartments.  The stands were hollowed out to became units, and the pitch (the playing surface) became a garden. 

Unfortunately, the deal has not been as successful financially:
Though sales have been steady, occupancy rates remain only around the 70% mark, according to the club. In September, Arsenal sold a tranche of nearly 150 apartments to real-estate group London and Stamford Property at a discount to market value of 20%, with cashflow problems blamed. A spokesman for Arsenal declined to comment on the specifics of the deal. Financially, at least, the stadium move may not have been entirely successful for the club.

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