Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Clermont condemned; no one surprised

Via Creative Loafing, I see that the Clermont Hotel has been condemned and must close by Dec. 31.  The inspection which preceded the condemnation was triggered by the property's foreclosure, as Inman Park Properties was unable to sell the property in time. The building is practically rotting on the inside:
"There are several issues that would have to be addressed," said Kevin Jones, a manager with the Fulton County Department of Health and Wellness. Dirty linen, old bedding and bed bug stains were among them, he said. Inspectors also found mold growing on the walls, black water spilling from faucets and broken toilet fixtures.
None of this should surprise anyone who has followed Inman Park Properties over the years.  The company is infamously neglectful of property.  In June IPP got a lot of coverage from CL and the AJC, and the owner came off sounding more like a collector than a legitimate real estate investor.  I can't really fathom what business strategy he had in mind when he bought all this property and the did absolutely nothing with it. 

Anyway, anyone interested in great deal on a real fixer-upper knows where to look!

UPDATE: I can't have this post up without linking to Too Busy to Hate's requiem for  the clermont.

*image courtesy of Tadson via flickr

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  1. There was an eye-opening story about the hotel in the Loaf a few years ago:

    Link is still live



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