Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The free market argument for rail transit

Joe, who used to blog here before he went to Harvard, sent me a link to a great video with Bill Lind, author of Moving Minds: Conservatives and Public Transportation

It isn't ground breaking stuff, but it seemed apropos given the post below about tunnels.  My favorite part in the video where he makes the point that we used to have a private, profitable rail industry in this country.  We killed it with massive government intervention and subsidies in the form of highways. 

Lind's book is now on my Christmas list.

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  1. As a conservative, I can honestly say that transportation is one issue (the only one I've found) where the liberal, I mean "progressive" position makes more sense. For some reason, mass transit is viewed as BIG GOVERNMENT while we steadily spend billions on roads. Its a strange reversal of roles where conservative position seems based on emotion and the liberal position is more logical.


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