Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Reed reiterates shorter timeframe for BeltLine

Thomas Wheatley has a good article about Kasim Reed and the BeltLine.  The next mayor wants to make the BeltLine a reality sooner rather than later:

At a groundbreaking ceremony on Saturday for the Beltline’s multi-use trail in southwest Atlanta, the city’s next mayor made a symbolic appearance, voiced his commitment to the project and reiterated something he said on the campaign trail: He’d like to see the Beltline become a reality in the next decade. And Reed says he’s gonna push for that to happen.
This is something I've been talking about for quite some time, and frankly I dismissed it when Reed mentioned it on the campaign trail.  I took note of it, but he phrased it rather non-committal way so it didn't really register.

As Wheatley notes in the article above, there is a matter of just how exactly to move things along quicker - all it takes is money...

h/t: Rusty Tanton

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