Monday, January 11, 2010

Not-so-serious GIS maps!

Via Decatur Metro, check out the NY Times Netflix GIS map of Atlanta.  It is a great visual representation of Atlanta's different demographics.  You can see the the racial boundaries in the Tyler Perry maps - The Family That Preys:

as well as the ITP/OTP division in Vicky Christina Barcelona:

Surprising, to me at least, is that the Dunwoody/Sandy Springs areas seem more culturally similar to intown Atlanta than I would have expected.  Although, I do remember folks at the DPG joking about when it incorporated how Sandy Springs would have a Democratic mayor within ten years...


  1. The two (or three) Atlantas now on video.

  2. I wonder if redbox could do a similiar exercise with their data. I suspect that if you took certain genres of movies and compared the Netflix map to the redbox map you would see differences partly based on the different pricing model that redbox has.


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