Sunday, January 17, 2010

This is getting a little ridiculous

So Perdue has finally stepped into the transportation funding issue.  I'm unimpressed: 
The governor announced $300 million in bonded spending for road and rail projects selected by the Legislature. More importantly, he endorsed a statewide referendum that would allow regions of the state to levy a 1-cent sales tax on themselves for road and rail projects...

Perdue and Republican lawmakers now want the issue on a 2012 ballot – well after the governor leaves office. Perdue said the two-year delay was necessary to allow voters time to regain a sense of economic security, and to permit transportation authorities to draw up the lists of projects for voter inspection.
Galloway at the AJC attributes the delay to the rise of local tea party activists, which is quite possible.  Any way you look at it though, it reeks of political cowardice. 

I'm not really sure what else there is to say about it.  If Perdue and the rest of the GOP fully realized how important a functional transportation system was to metro Atlanta (and thus the state's) economic future, we'd have had a solution several years ago.  So it's really not surprising that Perdue, of all people, would want to push something into the future.  God forbid he ever actually accomplish something as Governor. 

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