Friday, March 26, 2010

At least I can do some sports blogging....

I don't mention the alma mater too much - mostly in passing.  I'm a big sports fan, but there hasn't been much to crow about lately.  The Wall Street Journal even has an article about just how crummy it has been as a Michigan fan lately:

Let's not even bother trying to sugarcoat this. The University of Michigan's recent performance in sports has been as pathetic as any in the school's history.
The football team tanked, the basketball team collapsed and NCAA investigators turned their focus on Ann Arbor.
The school's typically brilliant hockey team was hardly a beacon of light in the darkness. It had such a lousy regular season that it was on the verge of missing the NCAA tournament for the first time in 20 years.
Yup, that's about right.  However, the hockey team managed to win the conference tournament and get an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament.  What does the WSJ have to say about that?
And with two more wins, the Wolverines would reach the tournament's Frozen Four, which is being held this year in nearby Detroit. It's not the Final Four or the Rose Bowl, for sure, but for a suffering sports school, it would be something.
And who knows? If they win, they might be able to transform Michigan into a hockey school, if only until football season rolls around in September.
Wait a sec.  That's just not right.  (What is a blog for if not the kvetch?)  In my experience, Michigan was ALWAYS a hockey school.  Partly this was because in my tenure the basketball team was atrocious (smack in the middle of a 10-year NCAA tourney drought), but partly this is because everyone in Michigan seems to grow up playing hockey.  Especially the yoopers.  I remember Michigan hockey games being in many ways more fun than football games.  I personally never went to a basketball game in my four years up north, but I went to my share of hockey games.  As far as I'm concerned, Michigan is about as big of a hockey school as a major D-I school can be.  

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  1. As a NorthEasterner and life long Notre Dame fan, with no love lost for UM, any article that says Michigan is not a hockey school is worthless and should be ignored.
    NE bias at play. US colleges play hockey outside New England too.
    But always.... Go Irish!


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