Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Peachtree-Pine foreclosed, finally

It appears that the Peachtree and Pine shelter has finally gone through foreclosure.  I think this is really just the end of round 1 - the shelter is suing the city and downtown booster organization CAP for conspiring against the shelter.  On top of that, the Task Force for the Homeless is suggesting that they aren't moving, despite having lost ownership and control of the building.  Now, the new owners haven't told the shelter they have to leave, or put a timeline of it if that is the plan, but it appears the Task Force is anticipating more conflict:

Beaty says she hasn’t yet heard from Fialkow, but would resist any effort to oust the shelter and its residents — which she says averages 700 men a night — from the building.
“We’re here and we’re going to be here,” she says. “These men have nowhere else to go.”
That is a threat, right?  Is the Task Force hoping that the new owners will try to force them to leave, and we'll all have to watch the performance theater of police officers kicking homeless people out of the shelter?  Is there another way to interpret this statement?

I'd feel a lot more sympathy for the Task Force if they, like, paid their bills.  I understand that the city and the federal government stopped funding the Task Force a few years ago.  It is their prerogative not to fund the organization.  I suggest you read this 2008 Creative Loafing article that helps put the situation in some perspective.  The Task Force has not evolved over the years, and has slowly alienated everyone that should be on their side.  

Also, the article notes that the Task Force got the Peachtree-Pine building as a donation originally - when did they take out a mortgage on it, and how exactly did they intend to pay that mortgage down?  How else did they see this ending?


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