Monday, May 3, 2010

Viewing city government as a services firm

Via Marginal Revolution comes this interesting news item on improving municipal customer service:

Potholes, stray garbage, broken street lamps? Citizens of Eindhoven can now report local issues by iPhone, using the BuitenBeter app that was launched today. After spotting something that needs to be fixed, residents can use the app to take a picture, select an appropriate category and send their complaint directly through to the city council. A combination of GPS and maps lets users pinpoint the exact location of the problem, providing city workers with all the information they need to identify and resolve the problem.
...Developed by mobile solutions provider Yucat, the BuitenBeter app will soon be available for Android and Windows Mobile phones, too. Eindhoven has signed on for a twelve-month trial, and Yucat hopes to roll out the system to other cities in the near future.
San Francisco has allowed folks to send in complaints via Twitter for almost a year now.  Looks like they are still active.  

This seems like the sort of thing that Kwanza Hall would get on board with.

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