Monday, June 28, 2010

This train is leaving the station

I have not been posting lately for a few reasons.  I graduated, so some of the time I've been taking it easy.  Another factor is that since I am not in school, I am frankly less driven to write.  Part of my writing here is a result of the intellectual stimulation of graduate school, as well as a bit of a stress release.

The other big reason that I have not been writing is that I have spent a decent amount of time looking for a job.  Now, I've found a job that I think is a pretty good fit.  The position is at a real estate/development consulting firm, doing primarily New Market Tax Credit work.  I'll be doing financial and market analysis, some asset management/project compliance stuff, funding applications, etc.  I'm very excited about the folks I'll be working with - they all seem quite intelligent, hard working, and amenable.

The only catch is that the job is in Chicago.  As readers of this little blog, you are probably quite aware how much I love Atlanta.  It would take a very good opportunity for me to leave - and I think this job is a great opportunity. So I'm moving.  I'll be in Chicago looking for a place to live next week, and moving the week after that.

Terminal Station retrospective and reminiscing after the jump:

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Paddling week recap

I am back in Atlanta, getting ready for the US-England World Cup game.  Overall, the trip was great.  Shook off the rust, got a lot of time in the boat, disconnected from things a little bit.

Kayaking is very spiritual for me - I had forgotten what a great metaphor the river is for how to live one's life.  I'll spare you the philosophical musings, but suffice to say that kayaking is an important part of my mental and spiritual health.  I felt good to get back in the water again.

Day five on the river was very good.  I had a few combat rolls, no wet exits, surfed a little bit, and just overall felt much more comfortable on basic maneuvers.

I also wanted to go ahead and post this photo before I left town again.  It is a picture from a 1990 parade in Downtown as part of the 1990 International Raft Rally/ Project RAFT event.  The event was apparently organized by Russian and American rafters to promote peace between the nations.   There was a raft event at the Nantahala Outdoor Center, and a parade in Atlanta.  I love that you can see the construction of the 191 tower in the back.  Sorry for the picture quality - I had to take a picture of the framed picture.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day four on the river: Section III

So we spent today running part of the Chatooga. As much as I hate to admit it, I am basically a beginner again. Some stuff has come back to me, but for the most part I am very sloppy on the river. No spills or anything since the first day, but more narrow recoveries than I'd prefer.

Still, a good vacation so far. I'll be back in Atlanta tomorrow night and am having a few folks over for the World Cup game. Then I'm flying out Sunday morning for a few days in Chicago.  After that maybe I'll have a chance to research that NOC parade picture and get to a few other things, like the MARTA project.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Beginning to feel it

Today was an improvement on yesterday. I'm shaking off the rust a bit and remembering how the river feels. 

One great thing about paddling is that it really puts everything into perspective and forces you to focus on being in the moment. It is very hard to worry about the job market when you are trying not to drown.

The pic above is the Nantahala around sunset. The main restaurant here has a picture of a parade down Peachtree street from 1990 that I'm going to have to research. You can see 191 being built in the background. I snapped a pic and will post later.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Day one on the river

The first day on the river is done. I am beat up a bit, but had a blast. The day's data: three or four nice rolls on the lake in the morning, one combat roll on the river in the afternoon, and two swims in the cold, cold, Nantahala. After two years out of the boat, I am rusty.

It felt great though, and I have high hopes for tomorrow.  Hopefully the bloody shin above is the extent of my injuries. 

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Graduation present

I am spending the next week at the Nantahala Outdoor Center for a week of kayak instruction. This is my graduation present to myself.

I do not have direct internet access, but my phone is working and I can send emails with it.  Hopefully I will have some pictures from each day and Terminal Station may turn into a travel blog for a week. Hey, it's not like I've been writing about real estate anyway, right? 

Above you can see the lovely cabin I'm staying in. It smell like wet dog inside. La Novia asked me if this was summer camp for adults - it probably is, down to the smells.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Downtown scenes

I love this piece of the Federal Court of Appeals in Downtown. It always makes me think of foggy London streets or some such romantic thing.

I took La Novia on a brief walking tour of Downtown this evening, something I never seem to tire of. Unlike many of my friends, she is willing to tolerate my constant history ramblings.