Thursday, June 3, 2010

Downtown scenes

I love this piece of the Federal Court of Appeals in Downtown. It always makes me think of foggy London streets or some such romantic thing.

I took La Novia on a brief walking tour of Downtown this evening, something I never seem to tire of. Unlike many of my friends, she is willing to tolerate my constant history ramblings.


  1. The one block of Poplar Street may be the coziest place downtown. That's pretty amazing considering how formal/authoritarian the courthouse is. I will go out of my way to walk it.

  2. 失去金錢的人,失去很多;失去朋友的人,失去更多;失去信心的人,失去所有。..................................................

  3. Yes -- I love this block too. I've had a couple of nice evenings sitting outside at Slice Pizza and just taking in the architecture. Has the work been completed on that building on Fairlie that's on the west side of this federal building? I'm not sure what's been going on with that construction.

  4. That's a terrific building in a cool part of town. Before the Russell Building came along the U.S. District Courts were on the upper levels. The main floor housed a bustling post office, jammed with people all day long. You had to go around to the back of the post office lobby to access the stairs to the courts. Office buildings in that area were full of accountants, stockbrokers, lawyers, insurance companies, etc., so it was quite a center of commerce.

    Oddly, the building didn't seem "antique" in those days. It was simply where you went to the post office and the federal court. Relatively speaking, it was probably regarded the way we view buildings from the early 1950s today -- a little down at the heels and out of date stylistically, but still quite functional.

    Lenox Square and even some of John Portman's iconic towers will reach that vintage by the end of the coming decade. Will preservationists in 2020 see them as treasured expressions of mid-century architecture, or will they merely seem old and out of fashion?


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